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'FPS Freek' hopes for thumbs-up from gamers

Gadget supposedly helps digits take aim.


As any CrackBerry addict will tell you, it's all in the thumbs. And that basic rule of dexterity applies to game controllers too, which is why the creation of something like the "FPS Freek" was probably inevitable.

KontrolFreek's latest accessory snaps onto the thumbsticks of a controller to improve accuracy and provide a crucial competitive edge. This nuance is particularly important in muscle control while taking aim at targets, according to Gizmodo, which sites research indicating that "the first 20 percent of the range of motion is the hardest because of spring resistance." (The things you learn reading gadget blogs.)

The manufacturer says the device, which it hopes to release in June, will even be allowed in official competition. And if it proves as popular as hoped, there's another company that will likely benefit from the release: The maker of the "Xtensor."