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Foxtel's broadband offering, bypassing data retention and Uber kittens, all in Girt by CNET podcast 15

Foxtel shows off its broadband, TV and home phone bundles, while Scott Ludlum makes a laughing stock of data retention. Plus, Uber's Kittens-as-a-service and the Lumia Denim update.

Well, Foxtel promised it a while ago, and it finally delivered: The so-called triple-play of subscription cable TV, ADSL broadband and home phone, all bundled for your convenience. Both new and existing Foxtel customers can use the company as an ISP now, with some nice benefits such as unmetered usage of Presto and Foxtel Go.

Meanwhile, data retention remains the gift that keeps on giving with Senator Scott Ludlum pointing out some remarkably simple ways of bypassing the proposed system -- ways like using the Parliament House public Wi-Fi. Or having a Gmail account.

Uber is the company that really just wants be liked by people -- and it's not afraid to show it. This week saw a particularly unusual PR stunt as Uber drove kittens around for people to play with, all ostensibly in the name of raising cash for the Cat Protection Society. Of course, one particular state Taxi Council wasn't having a bar of it, calling it "just the latest in a string of glib marketing campaigns" before kicking off its own glib marketing campaign.

Finally, Microsoft is rolling out the Lumia Denim update to Lumia smartphones -- maybe a little later than we would have liked, but with a load of great features.

Girt by CNET Podcast 15

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