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Foxtel shutters its 3D channel

Citing a "worldwide lack of 3D content" the pay TV provider will close its 3D channel on 27 August.

Foxtel will pull the plug on its 3D channel, channel 201, on 27 August, with a lack of content being to blame, according to the pay-TV provider.

(Credit: Joseph Kaminsky/CNET)

An announcement on the Foxtel site says: "due to a worldwide lack of 3D content production, it is no longer viable for Foxtel to maintain a dedicated 3D channel." It adds that 3D movie content may still be shown as part of a pay-per-view offering. However:

Due to the declining availability of 3D sport and documentary content, we do not expect to be able to show these types of 3D content via On Demand once the 3D channel is closed down...

Despite being once touted as the future of broadcast TV, 3D failed to find much of a foothold outside of cinemas. While a few notable sporting events were shown in 3D, Australian channels have mostly shied away from the format.

It was recently reported in The Sydney Morning Herald that Channel 10 would not show the 2014 Winter Olympics in 3D, despite organisers shooting the event in 3D. The story also noted that SBS has "no plans" to show the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 3D.