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Foxtel gets a price bump in 2017

If you're a subscriber to Foxtel's sports or platinum packages, you'll be on the hook for a higher monthly fee come February 2017.

Dave Cheng/CNET

Foxtel's sports package -- already the pay TV service's most expensive offering -- will be going up from AU$25 to AU$29 as of February 1, 2017. The platinum pack, which includes all of Foxtel's channel packages, will similarly be creeping up from AU$135 per month to AU$137 per month to accommodate the new sports package pricing.

A Foxtel spokesperson said that "all of our new sports content coupled with the increasing cost of sports rights generally means that unfortunately we have had to increase the cost we charge for our sports pack."

The more expensive package will in 2017 include "comprehensive coverage of European Football from beIN Sports" and a new, dedicated NRL channel in addition to 11 other sports channels.

It's been a tough year for the embattled pay TV provider, with more players looking to gain a foothold in live sports broadcasting. Optus in particular swooped in on the exclusive English Premier League rights, one of the biggest feathers in Foxtel's cap. Foxtel moved to fill that void with dedicated channels for some of the EPL's biggest clubs.

On the entertainment front, Foxtel is also facing pressure to keep prices low to compete with on-demand streaming services Netflix and Stan.