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Foxtel expands EPG to include instant catch-up TV

Internet-connected Foxtel iQ boxes will soon allow users to watch selected missed shows directly from the electronic program guide.

Foxtel has expanded the functionality of the electronic program guide (EPG) on its iQ box to include an instant catch-up service for selected shows.

(Credit: Foxtel)

Internet-connected Foxtel iQ boxes, and the upcoming iQHD, will soon allow users to scroll back the EPG up to 26 hours and watch selected missed shows via an IP-enabled catch-up service.

According to Foxtel, the service will integrate seamlessly into the EPG:

When subscribers scroll left in the EPG using the left arrow on a Foxtel remote, a blue shade will appear, indicating they’ve looked back in time. Programs available to watch will feature black text, while shows not available will appear with grey text. Customers can then press select on their remote to begin viewing.

The service will be available at no extra cost, although because the shows are being delivered over an internet connection, ISP data charges may apply. Both SD and HD versions of the shows will be available, and high definition will be reserved for Foxtel iQHD users with the HD channel pack.

The catch-up version of the shows will be available 15 minutes after the end of the live broadcast, and the service will be made available to subscribers over the next month.

Initially, the service will be available for selected programming on the following channels: Fox Sports, ESPN, Eurosports, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, FOX8, FX, E!, MTV, Arena, Studio, UKTV, the LifeStyle channels, A&E, the Discovery Channels, the National Geographic channels, BBC Knowledge, Showcase, the Foxtel Movie channels and World Movies.

Foxtel has also announced that it will be launching the Syfy channel from NBCUniversal as a new HD channel in 2014.