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Fox Sports' Skip Bayless caught praising himself on Facebook

It looks like the network's outspoken personality forgot to change accounts before praising himself.


Skip Bayless on the set of a live broadcast of "ESPN First Take" in March 2011.

Jeff Kern

No one loves Skip Bayless more than Skip Bayless.

The outspoken Fox Sports personality was caught praising himself on his own Facebook page. Bayless on Sunday hosted a Facebook Live video on his official page to discuss the upcoming Cowboys-Buccaneers game. During the stream, one commenter wrote "Skip you are the man!!! Love the new show on FS1 (Fox Sports 1)!!!!"

That is a nice thing to say, but there is a small problem: It appears to have been written by Bayless. The comment came from the verified Skip Bayless Facebook account, which has many on social media speculating that Bayless must have forgot to switch over to a fake account before delivering the praise.

The comment was soon deleted, but Ollie Connolly, a football analyst at Cox Media, managed to snag a screenshot and posted it to Twitter for all to enjoy.