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Four ways to play with your food

Four products that encourage you to play with your food: Zing food catapult, Air Fork One, Icetris, and (Don't) Play with Your Food plates.

My RSS reader is packed with food, gadget, and shopping blogs, and whenever I see something that might be worth sharing here I try to bookmark it for when I have time to write it up. Cruising through my bookmarks earlier today I started to notice a trend: I've been marking lots of products that are explicitly designed for playing with food. Apparently my inner child thrills at the thought of a mechanically assisted way to launch her broccoli across the room. So for her sake and yours, here are four tools for merging meal time and play time.

Air Fork One

Air Fork One lends some credibility to the whole "here comes the plane into the hangar" story you try to sell to your toddler every night. So far, it's a design concept only, but creative types can probably cobble together a reasonable facsimile on their own.

Icetris ice trays
Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy's gadget blog recently featured these Icetris ice cube trays. Use your freezer to transform everyday tap water into a nostalgia trip and drinking game all in one!

Zing catapult spoon

It honestly took me a long time to figure out a reason that any sane adult would hand a kid the Zingfood catapult. After all, the spoon-on-a-spring is marketed with the tag line "Launch your lunch"--every parent's nightmare. But then it occurred to me: a few Zings and a bag of marshmallows sounds like the stuff childhood memories are made of.

Don't play with your food plate.
Don't Play with your Food plate
Jamie Wieck

Probably my favorite, though, is the (Don't) Play with Your Food concept from Jamie Wieck, the designer who brought us the very cool blooming business card. The white plates incorporate simple embossed smiley-face features that encourage both kids and adults to arrange their food to embellish the design. It seems like such a fun reminder to engage with the food you're eating rather than consume it mindlessly.

Do you have any favorite products for playing with your food? Leave a comment to let me know.