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Four ways to call for help

The Molloy Group announces new help desk software to distribute and answer requests for information that come into customer support or an internal help desk.

The Molloy Group announced today new help desk software that works in tandem with Molloy's existing database product to distribute and answer requests for information that come into a customer support desk or an internal help desk.

The new intranet/Internet Kiosk software integrates with Molloy's Top of Mind call database, which records and tracks customer calls or email messages, in four basic configurations that range in price from $4,500 to $18,000 for basic licenses.

--Internet Kiosk: For $4,500, a company receives an unlimited license to view the Top of Mind database information with a Web browser. With this license, a company can give its customers the option of using the Web to view the status of their problems and review previous solutions.
--Internet Kiosk Option Pack: For $9,500, an administrator can set access rights for individual users. It also includes a "report module" that allows customers and employees to arrange the database to view various data trends.
--Internet Knowledge Kiosk: For $12,000 the call desk database administrator has the ability to manage the software and view the data remotely. Call center customers can also use the Knowledge Kiosk to diagnose and solve a problem from the Web. This means that with the Knowledge Kiosk's Cognitive Processor, the user can type in questions in plain English and receive a list of problem scenarios to choose from. The license allows for five concurrent users.
--Internet Knowledge Kiosk Option Pack: At $18,000, the most expensive configuration includes multiple user profiles, remote administration features such as alerts and up-to-date statistical reports, the ability to choose from multiple "knowledge bases" that contain different customer problem scenarios, a module that keeps track of a customer's time spent online and the amount to bill the customer, if the help desk is fee-based. The license allows for five concurrent users

The Internet Kiosk products run on any Windows NT-based Web server that supports the CGI (common gateway interface). They also support any ODBC-compliant database and all standard Web browsers.