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Four and a half feet of grill

The Wolf 54-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill offers a roomy grilling surface and convenient features. The powerful grill uses direct and radiant heat to provide for consistent results.

Heat away those winter blues.
Heat away those winter blues. Wolf

It has been a long, cold winter across much of the country, one where it's going to take going the extra mile to heat up when it's all over. Or, in the case of outdoor grills, an extra couple of feet. The massive new Wolf 54-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill should be up to the task. Featuring five stainless-steel burners capable of outputting 51,000 BTU, the large, built-in gas grill provides ample grilling room and strength to match.

While four and a half feet of grilling room is a nice vacation from cramped and cold quarters, it's the little details that are integrated that will make the back yard more than just a nice place to visit. The grill, with its easy-to-use ignition, hood-assist system, and LED-lit control knobs, makes the back yard ideal for everyday cooking.

Escaping the kitchen is one thing, but being able to achieve quality results on an outdoor grill is another. Thanks to the optional burner accessory, as well as its use of direct and radiant heat, the grill provides the versatility that modern cooks demand. A 25,000-BTU infrared sear zone allows for quick, high-heat browning that helps to develop deep flavor when grilling meats, while briquettes provide the radiant heat that make standing over a hot stove--or grill as the case may be--an experience to enjoy no matter the weather.