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Fortune conference pitches personal submarines

A new place to sink your money.

HALF MOON BAY, Calif.--Got $1.2 million to blow on toys? Forget the conspicuous Veyron, which is sure to draw derision from everyone you pass. Instead, take your toys underwater: U.S. Submarines' Triton Model 1000, being made now, will take you and a friend 1,000 feet straight down, and keep you there for 6 hours while you gaze at the fish and reflect on your extravagance.

Randy Storch (left) gets a virtual tour of the ocean floor. Rafe Needleman/CNET

U.S. Subs is a major sponsor of the Fortune Brainstorm 2008 conference being held here, and had a simulator set up in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton to give attendees a faux spin in the device. Yes, there was a line.

If you're in the market, line up now. Delivery time is 12 months. You'll also need someone on your staff to get training for piloting the sub and maintenance. But you can get it in any bright color you want. If the Model 1000 is not exclusive enough for you, you can option-up the machine to seat more people or dive deeper.

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