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Fortnite's new NFL outfits will turn any emote into a touchdown dance

Fortnite will let you celebrate that touchdown, er, Victory Royale in a NFL uniform starting Friday.

Fortnite is famous for letting you celebrate your victories with elaborate dances. Now you'll be able to do it in an NFL uniform.

Epic Games said Monday that a line of NFL-themed outfits is coming to its free battle royale game on Friday at 4 p.m. PT, which will let players parachute onto Fortnite's Island wearing a helmet and jersey. Yes, that does mean you'll see NFL players running around firing sniper rifles and rocket launchers at each other.

But it also means that all those emote dances, which have been popping up in real life sport events anyway, can now be paired up with a player's favorite NFL uniform.

The NFL outfits will be available for purchase from the game's shop when they launch inside of the game.

The NFL announcement came shortly after Fortnite's Cube event dazzled players, briefly sending them into a white void before dropping them onto a modified Fortnite map.

First published Nov. 5.
Update, Nov. 9: Updated for Friday's launch of the NFL outfits.

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