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Fortnite season 7, week 10 challenges and the Share the Love event

It's officially crunch time for completing Fortnite challenges with season 7 drawing to a close.

Epic Games

As we come to the end of Fortnite's season 7, Epic Games has started a new set of challenges with its Share the Love event. The event is a celebration of Valentines Day and goes from Feb. 7 to Feb. 27. You'll need to complete the new Overtime Challenges by the 27th to unlock 5 new rewards including the Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail. In addition to the challenges and rewards there will be a new Share the Love competitive series with placement matches starting Feb. 9. In other words, we have some time between seasons, so why not join in on the fun?

Either way, what's most important right now is getting through challenges fast to get as far as you can in your Battle Pass. Like every week, I've made some maps and have a few tips for grinding through reward tiers as quickly as possible and you can check out what you're up against for week 10 below.

If you're not done with last week, head over to my season 7, week 9 challenges guide.

Jason Parker/CNET


Place a mounted turret or a damage trap in different matches (0/3)

Search chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot (0/7)

Assault rifle eliminations (0/3) - Hard

Battle Pass

Deal damage with scoped weapons to opponents (0/200)

Get a score of 5 or more at the shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods (0/1)

Visit expedition outposts in a single match (0/4) - Hard

Hit an opponent with a chiller grenade or boogie bomb in different matches (0/3)

How to place a mounted turret or a damage trap in different matches

Placing traps and turrets is easy enough, but the challenge here is going to be about whether you can find these specific items. Just keep it in mind that when you find a mounted turret or a trap that does damage that you should just place it immediately. You'll get the three required pretty quickly and you'll barely have to try.

How to search chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot

This has become a standard quest we see regularly, but it's great that they give you the option of where to complete it. Both areas are flush with chests, but I suggest Dusty Divot over Lazy Links simply because it has zip lines so you can get out quickly when you're done. Lazy Links is also a wide open space leaving you more exposed than the tree-covered Dusty Divot. Here's a map pointing out both so you know where to go:


Note that these locations are pretty close together so you could start at Lazy Links, then finish up at Dusty Divot as the storm closes in.

Jason Parker/CNET

How to get assault rifle eliminations

Damage dealing challenges are easy to follow, but can be difficult to complete. Your best bet here is to play the Team Rumble large team mode because you can respawn if you get killed, so it should be pretty easy to get three eliminations in a game or two. Just seek out any assault rifle and start shooting.

How to deal damage with scoped weapons to opponents

To be honest, I'm pretty bad with sniper rifles, so this one would worry me if I had to actually get eliminations. Fortunately, it only requires you to deal damage to opponents, so all you need to do is grab a sniper rifle, scoped AR or the recently added scoped revolver and take a few body shots here and there to get credit. You only need to get 200 points of damage, so it shouldn't take you too long.

How to get a score of 5 or more at the shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods  

This is just the first stage of a multi-stage quest where you'll shoot targets from a platform. It might take a couple of tries on the first one, but by the time you go to the rest, you'll likely be better at it. The second stage has you going to the shooting gallery north of Retail Row and the third to another that's located east of Paradise Palms. They're all on one side of the map and if you're really efficient, you could possibly take them out in a single game. Here is where all three are located in order:


You don't have to get all three in one match, but I think it's possible if you have a vehicle.

Jason Parker/CNET

How to visit expedition outposts in a single match  

I like landing at expedition outposts because there are always zip lines for a quick escape and you can often find X-4 Stormwings nearby. The challenge here is getting to four of them in a single match, so depending on which way the battle bus is flying, you'll have to choose a path beforehand to get to all four. If you plan it, it shouldn't take more than a couple tries to complete this one. Here are all the expedition outposts on the map:


Note that the four in the upper left are the closest together, but you'll have to see where the battle bus goes.

Jason Parker/CNET

How to hit an opponent with a chiller grenade or boogie bomb in different matches

This is another challenge where you never know when you will find the item, so I'd suggest playing a bunch of Team Rumble games because you'll have more chances in each match to land one hit. Note that it has to be done in different matches so only your first one in each will count toward the challenge.

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