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Fortnite's Playground mode is coming back this week

The practice mode will return after nearly a fortnight, on the heels of the one-year anniversary event kickoff.


Playground mode returns to Fortnite tomorrow.

Epic Games

Fortnite players will able to jump back into the Playground starting Wednesday, after nearly a fortnight of downtime.

Developer Epic said that players will be able to "set up squad battles with new team select options, skirt around in an ATK and gear up with lots more loot."

This follows today's launch of Fortnite's massive one-year anniversary event, which it's celebrating with fresh cosmetics, challenges and birthday-themed quests.

The patch went live this morning, but Epic noted that some players can't access the birthdays challenges and assured us that everyone will have access when the store refreshes at 3 pm PST/8 pm EST/1 am GMT.

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