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Fortnite for iOS no longer requires an invite

Who needs friends in a 1 vs. 100 last-man-standing Battle Royale deathmatch?

Epic Games

Good news, gamers! (Bad news, parents of easily distracted schoolchildren.) 

Roughly two weeks after it first launched on iOS in an invite-only beta, the free-to-play gaming sensation Fortnite is now available to  anyone who owns a recent iPhone or iPad. You no longer need an invite to get in on the action.

Here's the download link you need.

What's Fortnite, you ask? Why, it's only the cartoony megahit video game that plays like a cross between Minecraft and The Hunger Games, where 100 players paradrop onto an island, loot for awesome weapons, and fight to be the last man standing. The game's also on PS4, Xbox and PC, but the mobile version seems pretty good. Yes, it's free, but it's also raking in hundreds of millions of dollars.

If Fortnite sounds familiar, you might also be thinking of its rival PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), a far grittier, more realistic take on the Battle Royale genre which technically came out first. That one's also a free download on both iOS and Android phones.

But PUBG didn't have the star power of rapper Drake to help get its mobile version off the ground. Here are a few other reasons why Fortnite has been eating PUBG's lunch.