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Fortnite Deluxe Battle Bus lets you re-create the Chapter 2 opener

Exclusive: And just like in that trailer, you can fill the bus with Fortnite characters.


Up, up and away.


When Fortnite returned after the conclusion of its first chapter, an opening cinematic for Chapter 2 revealed the inside of the game's Battle Bus, which characters parachute out of before landing on the game's island. That bus is now a real thing with the debut Saturday of the Fortnite Deluxe Battle Bus by Jazwares, at the New York Toy Fair.

The $50 bus features both the exterior and interior of the vehicle as seen in the trailer, including an inflatable balloon, lights, sounds and other details from the game. The bus is large enough to fill it with action figures, coming in at 14.56 inches long by 8.79 inches wide by 21.84 inches high including the balloon. The interior uses injected plastic as its material, and though the bus in the game floats, Jazwares doesn't recommend filling the toy balloon with helium (yes, I asked).


Fortnite figures from the first chapter of the game.


If you want to make sure to fill the bus with characters from Fortnite, Jazwares is also pairing up the bus with a set of 10 action figures, each 4-inches tall, from the game's first chapter, dubbing the set The Chapter 1 Collection. The $80 set includes popular outfits from the game's first 10 seasons, including Jonesy, Peely and DJ Yonder. Exclusive to this set are Eternal Voyager and a gold version of Ice King.

The Fortnite bus is among the many reveals being made this weekend as part of Toy Fair, which so far have included a Tesla Cybertruck from Hot Wheels, many Baby Yoda toys and a kitchen set that works with Alexa devices.

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