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Fortnite Chapter 2's brand new world has fans excited to drop in

Blue blob love takes over.


Fortnite fan frenzy has been reignited with the latest updates.


A new age of Fortnite has arrived. On Tuesday, gamers saw the black hole cliffhanger resolved with the arrival of Chapter 2

The popular battle royale game was offline for about 40 hours this past weekend as part of a dramatic event that ended season 10. Fortnite's seasons, which last 10 weeks, often wind up with a big finale that launches the next season, bringing new challenges and other updates. But players had never seen anything like Season 10's event, The End -- the game became unplayable after the island got sucked into the darkness of the black hole

When the game returned, instead of getting season 11, players got a major overhaul that developer Epic Games is calling Chapter 2. The game has a new map with a lot more water and 13 new locations around the island. There are also new weapons, characters and in-game actions like being able to swim or carry other players. 

We're just a few hours into Chapter 2 gameplay, and Fortnite fans are already sharing their first impressions about the game's major update.

The social media frenzy also drew some new eyes to the game.

A newly introduced character, lovingly dubbed "Blob" by fans, seems to have stolen the show.  

Unfortunately for some, making a new friend meant losing an old one. 

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