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Forrester: Europe leads in open-source adoption

Germany and France are cited as the biggest users of open-source software, but the research firm's numbers indicate that it's talking to the wrong people within enterprises.

France may not have shown up for the Euro 2008 soccer finals, but it continues to demonstrate the most adoption of open-source software, according to a recent report from Forrester Research ("Open Source Adoption: Notes From The Field").

In France, 24 percent of the enterprises surveyed by Forrester are currently using open-source software, with another 15 percent either piloting it or planning to start a pilot within the next year. (I'll wager that the other 61 percent are using open source but simply don't know it).

The United States? It's at 17 percent adoption, with another 11 percent in near-term pilots. Canada is tied with the States, while Germany, along with France, leads.

International Adoption of Open Source Forrester Research

As noted in the comments to an earlier post, these low numbers suggest that Forrester is talking to the wrong people within enterprises. I'm confident in suggesting that at least 90 percent of these same companies that Forrester surveyed are actively using open source--but the CIO simply doesn't know it.

Even so, it's useful information to see that a greater percentage of European companies recognize their adoption of open source, with fewer misplaced concerns: only 45 percent of European companies cited open-source security as a concern, while 71 percent of U.S. and Canadian companies view security as a problem for open source.

Of much more interest to me, personally, is which companies are buying open-source software. I suspect that the United States would be tops in that survey.