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Formerly a PC exclusive, XCOM 2 heads to PS4 and Xbox One

Console versions of the excellent strategy game are on the way.

After launching as a PC exclusive, XCOM 2 is now headed to consoles, 2K announced today.

PS4 and Xbox One versions of the acclaimed strategy game are coming to the United States on September 6. An international release follows a few days later, on September 9.

This is the same game that launched on PC back in February, offering a number of improvements and new features over Firaxis' previous XCOM. You'll take control of the Avenger alien ship as your mobile headquarters, start many missions without the enemy being aware of you, and face new enemies that will make you reconsider that vow not to reload your save when you lose a unit you love. You can read GameSpot's review of the PC version here.

2K Games

There's no word on mod support for the game, something which has been present on PC since launch. Mods on consoles wouldn't be unprecedented; Fallout 4 recently added them on Xbox One, with PS4 getting them sometime soon.

XCOM was originally a PC-only series back in the '90s. When Firaxis revived it in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it was released simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. For XCOM 2, Firaxis decided to focus on PC in order to make that version as good as possible, though it never ruled out the prospect of coming to PS4 and Xbox One.