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Former 'Top Gear' stars head for Amazon Video (Tomorrow Daily 218)

Khail and Ashley discuss Amazon's move to sign the former "Top Gear" trio to a new deal, how Nokia plans to enter the VR market with a new camera and a Lexus modded to visualize a driver's heartbeat.

We're just about to pack it all up and head out for the weekend, but we wouldn't leave without one more show to tide you over until Monday. Today's show stories are all really fun and interesting, so don't miss them!

Our lead story today is all about Amazon's big coup: They've signed all three former "Top Gear" stars (plus the show's ex-executive producer) to create a series for Amazon Video. It's a huge sidestep around the BBC's non-compete agreement with Jeremy Clarkson, but we have a feeling "Top Gear" fans everywhere won't care about how the deal was done. It won't have the same name, but we're sure we'll be seeing some similar vehicular shenanigans as the BBC series.

We're also checking out Nokia's newest product, which is also a new market for the company. It's a VR camera called Ozo, and it'll be available this year for creators to start generating fun video for commercial headsets. There aren't too many retail VR headsets available currently, but by launching the device before this holiday season, Nokia might be getting out front in the race to an affordable, small VR camera (but we're holding our verdict until we see a price point).

Lastly, Lexus uploaded a fun promo video for everyone to enjoy earlier this week. They modded one of their cars to show the driver's heart rate as they sped around a track at night. The car doesn't light up until it hits 100 mph, so viewers can only see how the driver responds to high rates of speed, but it's still a really interesting experiment using human biometrics.

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218: Former 'Top Gear' stars head for Amazon Video

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