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Former Superman to join 'Arrow' as The Atom

Brandon Routh, the one-time Man of Steel, is set to take on a "little" role as the head of Queen Consolidated on the hit CW series.


Superman joins "Arrow" by way of The Atom. Sort of.

Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

The CW is certainly giving superhero-loving fans a lot to crush on. First it teased the new during an episode of "Arrow," and now it's announced that it'll be adding another superhero to "Arrow" itself: The Atom.

The Atom, also known as Ray Palmer when he's not being "super," was an atomic scientist who used white dwarf star matter to shrink himself down and escape from a collapsed tunnel, according to Comic Vine. The site also gives a great description of his powers:

"Can alter size at will, and can alter body mass to deliver sizable blows at a diminutive size. Since he retains his full strength, by rapidly mass-shifting he can leap like a flea. He can also become weightless to glide on breezes. By shrinking to the size of a subatomic particle he can travel through conductive landline wires at the speed of electricity (and) he can travel across dimensional barriers."

So enough about the fictional character who's sure to add not just a little excitement to the already excellent "Arrow." What about the actor who will be playing him?

Brandon Routh (whose last name rhymes with "south") is certainly no stranger to the world of superheroes, having played Superman in the 2006 film "Superman Returns." Other notable roles are Daniel Shaw on the TV series "Chuck," and Brandon Stone on "Enlisted."

Routh/Palmer/The Atom will take on the role of owner of Queen Consolidated in the third season of "Arrow," which premieres on the CW on Wednesday, October 8.