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​Former Google search chief now rides with Uber

Amit Singhal, who led Google's search efforts for 15 years, is now the ride-hailing company's senior vice president of engineering.


Google's former search honcho Amit Singhal is now riding alongside Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Twitter/Screenshot by CNET

Amit Singhal, known for successfully leading Google's search efforts for 15 years, is now hailing from Uber, in an apparent coup for the young company.

"Catching the next ride of my professional journey," Singhal tweeted on Friday, alongside a photo of him and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Singhal, who left Google in February to take on some philanthropic efforts and spend more time with his family, will be heading up Uber's maps and marketplace departments. He's also serve as an adviser on self-driving technology.

In a blog post on his new job, Singhal said he's always been a fan of Uber, but the more he dug into how it works, the more he realized it offers one of the most difficult -- and therefore most fun -- computer science and engineering challenges in the world today.

He added that "Uber is a geek's candy store -- and why I can't wait to get started applying computer science to the real world, for real people, to improve real lives."

San Francisco-based Uber made its name by pairing passengers with drivers via a phone app. Over the past six years, it's grown from a small startup to a multinational company with operations in more than 400 cities in 72 countries.

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