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Former eBay exec to head

Carter Cast will return to as its new CEO, after a brief, four-month stint at the online auction giant.

A former executive is heading back home to take command as CEO of the company.

Carter Cast, who was a top marketing executive at, is returning after a four-month stint at eBay. He resigned earlier this week from the online auction giant, where he served as its chief marketing officer.

"We understand he will be the CEO at," said Hani Durzy, an eBay spokesman. "We wish him every success and luck. We understand how the opportunity to be a CEO is attractive to anyone.", meanwhile, declined to offer details on its CEO search process.

"At this time, we continue to focus on our executive search to lead day-to-day operations at," Amy Colella, a spokeswoman, said in a statement. "As part of our business policy, we don't publicly discuss our candidate process or comment on speculation."

Cast will be returning to a company he helped launch five years ago for retailing giant Wal-Mart Stores. is a subsidiary of the brick-and-mortar retailing behemoth and provides its parent with an online presence for consumers who are increasingly turning to the Web to do their shopping.

Cast served as senior vice president of marketing and merchandising during his earlier tenure at While there, he worked under John Fleming, who served as's CEO.

Fleming was promoted in April to chief marketing officer of Wal-Mart Stores. He will continue to retain responsibility for whether or not a CEO is appointed to the online site, said Marty Heires, a spokesman for Wal-Mart Stores.