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Forget your passwords safely with PassPack

Keep your passwords in one place with PassPack. Just don't forget your PassPack password.

Passwords are a real pain. It's not so bad dealing with one or two, but once you have five or more log-ins and passwords at various sites, even the sharpest mind will have trouble remembering what goes where. PassPack is a new service that attempts to solve this problem, letting you create a personal archive of log-ins and passwords that can be packed and unpacked with one master password.

Passwords can be read over your shoulder, so be careful. CNET Networks

After setting up PassPack, you can start plugging in as many accounts as you want. When you're done you can "Pack it up!" using a special packing password, essentially closing your log-in collection until you want to expand it again.

PassPack doesn't just take your data and encrypt it on its end, it encrypts it client-side as well, meaning your precious information will be guarded even if somebody else gets it on the way to the PassPack servers.

There are a few weaknesses to the PassPack system. For one, your passwords aren't visually safeguarded. So if you're using PassPack at work, anyone looking over your shoulder will be able to see what you're typing in. There's also no way to recover your PassPack password if you lose it.

PassPack is pleasingly simple to use and very responsive. Can you trust a tool like this with all your passwords? Normally I'd say no, but with the client-side encryption, even the best decrypters won't be able to figure out your Amazon log-in. See also Agatra and RoboForm, which several CNET editors swear by.