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Sorry, 'Phelps Face,' Usain Bolt's photo wins Olympics with style and a smile

The Jamaican sprinter flashes a golden grin as he passes his competitors, and the internet finds its new meme.

#PhelpsFace has had its day.

The infamous image of gold-medal swimmer Michael Phelps scowling like a scary Anakin Skywalker captured online imaginations for a few days, but the new Olympic photo meme is as sunny and happy as a day on Copacabana Beach.

When Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt zoomed past his competitors in the semifinal heat of the 100-meter dash on Sunday, he took one quick look back at the runners he was leaving in the dust and flashed a golden smile. Australian photographer Cameron Spencer, shooting for Getty Images, snapped just the right image, and it immediately went viral. Who could resist? Bolt seemed to be sharing the moment with the audience, letting us know just how easy this was for him. And the internet loved him for it.

And even a shot of Bolt from a slightly different angle took off. Think you had a bad day? British sprinter Chijindu Ujah had it worse.