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Foreman grill gets a face-lift

The George Foreman 360 has the benefits of the original, along with some new bells and whistles.

George Foreman 360 in platinum. Also available in black or red.

What do you call a portable grill that sits on your countertop and belongs in every college apartment? You might call it something else, but I, along with millions of other Americans, call it a George Foreman Grill. The lean, mean, fat-grilling machine made famous by the Olympic gold medalist and two-time heavyweight champion of the world has revolutionized the way we think about convenient cooking, and has given people without a backyard grill a chance to enjoy the same grilled burgers and steaks.

I had a Foreman grill in college and was notorious in my freshman year dorm for my Rueben sandwiches and grilled cheeses, and when I lived in my own apartment, I graduated to veggie burgers and chicken breasts, but the newly redesigned George Foreman 360 has so many cooking options that it makes my head spin.

The secret to the 360's versatility is in the interchangeable grill plates. There are five total, including a deep grill plate for traditional Foreman-style meats, a quesadilla plate for individual pockets, and a deep-dish pan for pizza, vegetables, or eggs.

It also has an adjustable tilt, so you can lay it flat for cooking or tilt it up for fat-reducing grilling.

The George Foreman 360 is available in black, red, or platinum between $149 and $157 from Amazon. You can watch a promotional video for it here.