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Ford integrates destination-sharing app at CES 2013

Ford adds Glympse to its roster of apps that work with Sync AppLink at CES 2013, letting drivers share their destinations and routes with friends.

Ford Sync with Glympse
The Glympse app lets drivers quickly share their locations and destinations through Ford Sync AppLink. Ford

LAS VEGAS--Glympse, maker of a destination-sharing app by the same name for iOS and Android, announced an integration with Ford's Sync AppLink platform. The integration will let Ford drivers access the Glympse app, running on a smartphone, from their cars' dashboard interface.

Glympse lets users send their current location, destination, and route through Facebook, Twitter, or other Internet outlets. It includes preset messages drivers can include with their location, minimizing distraction. The app is designed to let drivers send their location with very little app interaction.

Drivers with Glympse running on an iPhone will need to cable their devices to the car, while Android users will be able to use their phones' Bluetooth connections. On the road, a driver can push the voice command button in a Ford Sync AppLink-equipped car and say, "Send Glympse." The driver can specify Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or text, and send the car's location to the selected medium.

Ford's Sync AppLink supports more than 10 apps, putting Ford ahead of other automakers in app integration. The initial apps were primarily audio-oriented, providing information and entertainment. Glympse marks the second location-oriented app, after the Scout navigation app announced last year, included for Sync AppLink.

Glympse will be integrated in Ford models equipped with Sync AppLink.