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Ford gets Sirius

Ford gets Sirius

Ford announced it will finally offer Sirius satellite radios in some of its cars this month. And by 2008, Ford expects 90 percent of its vehicles to offer the service.

Satellite radio is a true success story--even if it fails. By that, I mean that even if the two sat radio companies cease to exist in their current form in the next few years, the appetite for a different kind of radio programming has been undeniably established: A lot of us crave better radio and are willing to pay for it. That surprised a lot of people--many of whom run terrestrial radio stations.

At the same time, $13 a month just for radio is keeping the vast majority of consumers away. We need to see carmakers offer a bundle of navigation, live traffic data, and sat radio for $995 on the option sheet and $9.95 a month before we see the next big gulp of users bite.

And it still bothers me that consumers have to choose one sat radio service or the other. It's time for "universal" sat radios that allow me to flip my listening allegiance at a whim, just like on terrestrial radio.