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Ford confirms more fuel-efficient gas engine

Automaker says "Twin Force" will be a V8 with V6 efficiency; no word on when models with the new technology would come to market.

The "Twin Force" engine that Ford's been hinting about these past months will deliver the power-performance of a V8 with the fuel economy of a V6, Ford confirmed to CNET

The engine will have direct injection plus a turbocharger, according to a Ford representative.

The company would not confirm when or in which production models consumers can expect to see the new technology.

Many of the recent announcements concerning fuel injection and turbocharging technology have been related to diesel engines. Ford's claim is an interesting one that, if true, could put its "Twin Force" gas engine on par with diesel engines in terms of fuel efficiency.

Ford continues to look for fuel efficiency on another front, as well. Earlier this week, the automaker announced plans to work with Southern California Edison on developing plug-in hybrids. The electric utility will test up to 20 rechargeable hybrid vehicles as part of a pilot program.