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Tech Industry

Ford adopts Sony

Ford announces and agreement with Sony to use Sony audio systems in its cars.

Ford of Europe Sony stereo
This stereo, from a European Ford, uses the Sony look and feel, which will come to U.S. Fords. CNET Networks

This year, Ford cars will come with Sony-branded audio systems. Car makers have been scrambling to get name-brand audio systems in their cars for a number of years now, but Ford scored a real coup by getting one of the biggest names in consumer electronics on board. Initially, Sony will supply amps and speakers to Ford. At 2008 CES, Sony had one of its OEM amps on display that will go into Ford cars, a 10-channel amp with 8 35 watt powered channels and the capability to do 5.1 surround sound. This amp uses flash memory to store acoustic profiles, designed by Sony, for each specific Ford model. Further down the road, Ford will incorporate the Sony entertainment electronics look and feel in its stereos, using such features as Sony's black-out display. Ford and Sony have been working together for some time. In 2001 and 2005, Ford released special edition versions of the Focus equipped with Sony audio components. Ford of Europe already uses Sony stereos, amps, and speakers.