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For those end-of-quarter, highly stressful days...

I took some time off to ride my bike. Turns out to be one of the best things I've done in weeks.

Matt Asay rides the Bobsled in SLC Bryce Roberts

This week has been highly stressful. Actually, every end of quarter has been stressful. My company has yet to miss a quarter in eight straight quarters, but that doesn't mean it's always a pleasant experience, whatever I might say to the contrary.

I had just finished a call with a particularly difficult customer, and needed to get my negative energy out. So Bryce Roberts and I headed up to bike Dry Creek, finishing up on The Bobsled (Watch out - it will make you dizzy), one of the best rides anywhere.

I feel better. Actually, halfway through the ride, inspiration struck and I stopped to email the customer with whom I'd been struggling. By the end of the ride, we had reached an agreement.

Amazing what can happen on a bike.

Now, if you'd like to come ride The Bobsled with us, you don't have to make me angry first to get me interested in going. In fact, I'll be even happier to head up there if we can negotiate a deal beforehand and celebrate on the hill. :-)