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For this coffee maker, the crystals aren't sugar

The "Nespresso Crystal Coffee Machine" is festooned with no fewer than 3,100 Swarovskis.


If we were to ever give it much thought, we probably would have ventured to guess that coffee makers and Swarovski crystals probably wouldn't make a great combination. But that's what happens when one works for Crave: The irrational exuberance of some gadget makers forces the most unthinkable thoughts to the surface.

Indeed, the mere sight of the hideous "Nespresso Crystal Coffee Machine" from the U.K.'s infamous Goldstriker is enough to cause temporary blindness, but the $4,000 price tag will afflict the digestive system too. There is some amusement to be had, however, by reading the spec sheet on Lussorian: It has a "removable grill for the preparation of Latte Macchiato."

As if anyone would actually use this thing to make coffee. We'd be worried that one of its 3,100 crystals would fall into the cup.