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For the Palm faithful: Treo 800w rumors abound

Rumors heat up about a Windows-based, CDMA Palm Treo 800w as live picture of the smartphone is posted on the Web.

Via Boy Genius Report

For all the crap Palm gets about its lack of innovation, it's still got a pretty loyal fanbase so we imagine some of you will be interested in this tidbit. There are various stories around the blogosphere about a new Windows-based Treo, codenamed "Zeppelin" or otherwise known as the Palm Treo 800w. Among the various rumors, the CDMA smartphone is said to run Windows Mobile 6.1 with support for EV-DO Rev. A, GPS and/or Wi-Fi (varying reports on whether it has one or both radios), and a 320x320 touch screen. Some are saying the Treo 800w will be released about June 22, while others say it will head to Sprint about July. Clearly, it's all a lot of speculation right now, but you can find out what's being said about the device at the various sites below.

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