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For some e-bikes, green means dollar signs

Brammo's "Enertia" will be priced up to $15,000.


At the rate they're being churned out, one might think the whole world will soon be ditching their cars for electric motorcycles. Whether they be breaking speed records or doing Harley impersonations, new models seem to be coming out all the time.

The latest to roll into our view is Brammo's "Enertia," which is scheduled to go into production next year. The bike, which runs on six lithium phosphate batteries, has a range of 45 miles per three-hour charge and can reportedly hit a top speed of 50 mph. What makes it stand apart from other electric or hybrid bikes is its carbon-fiber frame, which weighs only 275.

Unfortunately, another distinguishing characteristic is its price: an estimated $12,000 to $15,000, depending on the model. And it doesn't even have a built-in iPod dock, let alone glow in the dark.