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For Paris Hilton, 'The Prison Life' is all games

GSN game features an animated Hilton in stiletto heels, designer sunglasses and an orange jumpsuit.

From GSN, the creative minds who brought us such enduring game classics as Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac, Rosie vs. Trump and Foley's Follies, comes The Prison Life: Paris, which offers players a behind-the-bars peek at the hotel heiress' life in the clink.

Paris Hilton game
Wanna join Paris Hilton in jail?

Orange is the new pink in this online title, in which an animated Hilton in stiletto heels, designer sunglasses and an orange jumpsuit attempts to undertake her prison duties under the watchful eye of a baton-wielding warden. "Paris is in jail and the warden has assigned her to design and build license plates. Help her with her job and watch out for her little dog "Clinkerbell"! explain the directions on

Players position the smirking Hilton between levers that "stamp" the blank California vanity license plates as they roll by on a conveyor belt. Line up the stamper with the plates using arrow keys and win a point. Miss and get slapped with an insult like: "Ouch--Lindsay Lohan plays better than you!" In a nod to Hilton's celebutante existence, the plates sport such phrases as PRTYGRL, DUI4ME, DRV2FST and PRVTCEL.

The tabloid story du jour started last year, when Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence and sentenced to probation. She also had her license suspended. In February, the paparazzi favorite was stopped for driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone and charged with violating her probation. That occurence led to her current 23-day stint at the not-so-glam Century Regional Detention Facility in suburban Los Angeles.