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For its 75th anniversary, Hasselblad V1D concept takes 75-megapixels square

Lefties rejoice: Among the 4116 anniversary editions unveiled at Photokina 2016, Hasselblad displayed a concept version of a modular 75MP square camera that can be configured for you.

Hasselblad revisits its V-system square-format roots at Photokina 2016 with the V1D 4116 Concept, a prototype design for a modular 75-megapixel camera (presumably 6x6, but who knows).

The design has the same aesthetic that's informed the company's recent cameras, milled out of a single block of aluminum. Its most notable feature is its ability to accept modules on its sides to customize the camera. You'll have the ability to place the display, viewfinder, grips, controls and so on in locations to fit your shooting style -- including a grip on the left for southpaws.

As with most concepts, we don't know much about it. We're yet to hear about sensor dimensions, price and when we'll actually be able to get one.

The company's other reveals at the show include a special 4116 edition of the X1D in solid black with the XCD 45mm lens and accessories. It also announced a new lens for the camera, the XCD 3.5/30mm. Note that the initial version of the camera, the 50-megapixel version, is still in preorder (from B&H and Adorama).