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For inspiration, this graphic designer turned to...IKEA?

Swedish graphic designer Sedki Alimam has released a series of prints of the IKEA man as Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear and several other popular cartoon characters.

Sedki Alimam

You might not have a name for him, but you probably know the IKEA man, that little guy printed in every IKEA manual that helpfully (or, unhelpfully as the case may be) shows you how to assemble IKEA furniture. You either love or hate the IKEA man, depending on how easy or challenging it has been for you to put together IKEA furniture.

Swedish Graphic Designer Sedki Alimam wants us to love the IKEA man more, and has released a series of images of the IKEA man dressed as some of our favorite cartoon characters. The series includes Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstone, Hello Kitty, Bart Simpson and many more, each standing in the standard IKEA man pose complete with the customary ear-to-ear smile.

Sedki hopes his fun creations will bring a similar ear-to-ear smile to your face as you remember back to those lazy Saturday mornings watching cartoons on TV.

The designs are perfect, really. Because most of the time it really just feels like you need Fred Flintstone to help you put together IKEA's fun sometimes-maddening furniture sets. Yabba dabba WHY THE EKTORP DOESN'T THIS SCREW FIT?!

Yabba Dabba WHY AM I MISSING THAT PIECE?!?! Sedki Alimam

(Via The Awesomer)