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For $500,000, diamonds are an iPhone 7's best friend

Looking for a way to spend half a million dollars? Luxe phone maker Gresso will be offering three gold and black diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 7.


According to the metadata, this photo of the $500,000 iPhone 7 was shot with a 7-year-old consumer dSLR, the Rebel T1i/EOS 500D. The profit margins on the phone must be tight.


With an engraved titanium body, 18-karat gold accents and 1,450 black diamonds, you're sure to blind everyone when you pull out Gresso's $500,000 iPhone 7 for a quick selfie. That converts to a price tag of about £$385,000 and AU$652,000.

And the chances of running into someone else selfie-ing with this limited-edition model are pretty slim, since the company only plans three Black Diamond Collection models. (Though it may have some competition, however, as a status symbol.)

You really don't want to lose the matching AirPods, though, with their encrustation of 30 diamonds. So remember to factor this $10 AirPods leash into your cost.

If your budget doesn't allow for a completely blinged-out phone, you can spend a lot less on a similarly constructed case: The company plans a limited run (999) of a lower-end model starting at $2,000.

The cases seem to be available now on Gresso's site, but you'll have to wait until this Monday for the phone.