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Food-gnashing compost container tops Grommet awards

In a battle of product pitches, between biodegrable cat boxes, sensory toys, toothy compost bins, and other gizmos, two products emerge victorious.

Green Cycler
Grind your way through your food scraps. Ecotonix

The Ecotonix Green Cycler is a compost container for a new age. It doesn't just sit around in your kitchen, silently holding your vegetable scraps. It takes those scraps and eats them up, grinding them into little bits for faster, more convenient composting in your compost bin. The Green Cycler was just honored as a winner of product-launch platform The Grommet's product-pitch showdown, taking top honors in the ready-for-market category.

The $99 Green Cycler first launched in 2012 and has gone through some updates since then. It features a crank-powered set of shredder blades that grind food waste down into a size that composts much more quickly than big chunks.

The other top product-pitch winner is Increment Studios' O-Rings, a set of sensory learning toys geared for special-needs kids. It took the prize in the ready-for-crowdfunding category. The colorful rings are made with different materials to encourage kids to stack them and play with them while exploring the different weights and textures. The company is planning a Kickstarter launch to fund the O-Rings.

The Grommet product-pitch competition focuses on items that work as hacks or problem-solvers. The winners will get a launch campaign on The Grommet, which specializes in bringing new products to market. Other finalists included Litter One, a biodegradeable cat box, and Tray Bien, a laptop bag/tray for holding both your computer and drinks during a flight. Look for both the Green Cycler and O-Rings to get a boost from The Grommet exposure.

O-Rings toys
These toys are designed for special-needs kids and their friends. Increment Studios