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Following the great Twitter race to 1 million

The epic battle between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to gain 1 million followers on Twitter draws to a close Thursday night. The first tweeter to pass the mark: Demi Moore's husband.

Ashton Kutcher is the first Twitter user to gain 1 million followers.
Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) cracks open a bottle of champagne with friends after beating CNN (@cnnbrk) to 1 million followers on Twitter Ustream

The race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to become the first Twitter user to get 1 million followers is nearing the end, and both sides are stepping up their game. CNN went live on TV to promote their own account, trying to best Kutcher, and Kutcher has responded by going live on to try to push himself over the top.

Demi Moore supports her husband, Ashton Kutcher, as he campaigns on Ustream in the final stretch. Ustream

After Kutcher laid down the challenge on Qik, this race has been filled with trash talking, and it has really escalated beyond control.

Both sides are promising donations to charity, if they win, and Electronic Arts is even adding some additional incentive, promising Kutcher's 1 millionth follower a copy of every game they make in 2009 and a spot in a future game.

As of 10:25 p.m. PST, Kutcher leads by a little more than 1,000 followers. We will keep this story updated as the race to 1 million progresses.

Update at 10:32 p.m.: Apparently, Twitter is glitching out a little as the two rivals near 1 million followers. See the shot below, in which Twitter reports @cnnbrk's followers at 1,998,130. This makes me feel a little down about my 483 followers. Additionally, it appears that Kutcher is starting to pull away a little more.

Either Twitter is glitching or @cnnbrk just destroyed @aplusk. Twitter

Update at 10:44 p.m.: Kutcher is 2,000 followers away from 1 million, and it looks like he's going to take it, barring some serious on-air campaigning from CNN.

Update at 10:48 p.m.: CNN is pitching for followers live on air.

Anderson Cooper and a fellow CNN colleague beg for followers on air. CNN

Update at 10:58 p.m.: Kutcher has 1,000 followers to go. CNN trails by more than 2,000.

Update at 11:13 p.m.: The race is over! @aplusk takes the win! He won by a margin of about 2,000.

Update at 11:54 p.m.: Kutcher may have reached the 1 million mark first, but CNN has also passed 1 million followers.