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Follow-up to Quicken download problems

Follow-up to Quicken download problems

Yesterday we noted one reader's difficulty downloading the latest update to Quicken 2004. As the download is provided via FTP, our suspicion is that the user experiencing the problem did not have Passive FTP Mode enabled in Network preferences. Reader John Hale's own report echoed this theory:

"This was solved for me a couple of weeks ago via forums. The Quicken update is sent via passive FTP. To enable you must use System Preferences, go to Networks, then Proxies [for the network port used for your Internet connection], and enable Passive FTP Mode. After many unsuccessful attempts this worked for me."

Edward McShane, the reader who originally reported the problem, was also given an alternative URL -- one that uses HTTP instead of FTP -- by Intuit:

"After consulting with Intuit's tech support over the phone today, we achieved the download thusly: 1. Use Internet Explorer 2. Enter this address into Explorer's address box: 3. Hit the 'go' button. This procedure takes one to an FTP download page as opposed to the page one acquires when accessing the download going through either Quicken's 'normal' procedure or through VersionTracker." [Note that this should work in Safari, as well -- by using HTTP, you avoid Passive FTP Mode altogether. -Ed]

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