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Follow focus for the frugal videographer

Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, you don't need to spend a ton of money to achieve precise focusing in your films. Crave Asia has the details.

Wiley Davis

If you've always wanted to achieve the precise focusing seen in the movies, perhaps it's time you invested in a follow focus. However, with professional systems costing anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, the 50-Dollar Follow Focus is a more affordable alternative for videographers on a budget.

The brainchild of Wiley Davis, the 50-Dollar Follow Focus is made in his homemade CNC (computer numerical control) mill and consists of the follow focus body, a pulley and a rubber-toothed belt. A user-adjustable spring built into the system of Teflon washers in the follow focus allows users to fine-tune the amount of friction needed when focusing a lens.

Crafted from durable, heat-treated aluminum, the 50-Dollar Follow Focus comes with a re-positional handle, which lets users set their lens at different positions at specific marker lines. Finally, a toothed-belt and pulleys of different sizes can be swapped to fit different lens sizes.

If this nifty device catches your fancy, all you need to do is pledge $60 (includes shipping to U.S. and Canada; additional cost for international shipping) on Davis' Kickstarter page and you'll get a 50-Dollar Follow Focus in colors such as Italian red and black, Canon Fanboy red and white, or plain black.

The product is expected to ship in March. Also, note that you'll still need a quick-release plate and rails to attach your follow focus on.

(Source: Crave Asia)