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Foldable phones have nothing on Detective Pikachu

This week's Nope, Sorry pits two extremely hyped movies against each other: Detective Pikachu and Toy Story 4. Plus, which video game movie is the best? Spoiler: They're all bad.

Are foldable phones a thing now? We don't know, but Jeff goes head-to-head with this week's guest Bridget Carey arguing about that and a lot more on this week's Nope, Sorry.

This week's topics include:

  • Are foldable phones the future or a gimmick?
  • Should you be more excited for Toy Story 4 or Detective Pikachu?
  • What's the best video game-to-movie adaptation?

If you'd like to submit a topic for debate on next week's show, that's wonderful. You can submit one in the comments section on YouTube.