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Focus on wired children

Children online are at the center of government debate this week with issues including privacy and discounts for school Net access.

Children online have been in the center of government discussion and debate this week, on the heels of a Federal Trade Commission report that slammed the online industry for its data collection practices, especially where young surfers are concerned. A conference this week designed to examine content for children instead focused a great deal on children's Net issues, including privacy and the "e-rate," a fund to that provides Net access discounts to schools and libraries.

FCC cuts e-rate funding
audio | update The Federal Communications Commission decides to cut back funding for the nation's most ambitious program to hook up schools to the Net.

Commerce Dept. wants kids' rules
Q&A Commerce official Larry Irving discusses children's online safety and whether the Clinton administration will offer a solid solution.

Summit deals with Net privacy issues
update A Los Angeles conference meant to cover children's content online also focuses on privacy issues following a harsh FTC report.

Kennard defends Net subsidy
The FCC chairman renews his push for subsidizing Net access for schools and libraries before mostly hostile lawmakers.

House passes Net pedophile bill
The chamber unanimously approves a measure to crack down on pedophiles who use the Net to lure minors into sexual relations.