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Flying high with SkyMall

The catalog doesn't always feature the newest of the new, but it still provides great sky-high skimming for gadget hounds.

What kind of Crave editor would I be if I didn't spend my entire flight (OK, it was only an hour long) scouring SkyMall for Crave-tastic gadgets? The catalog doesn't always feature the newest of the new, but it still provides great sky-high skimming for gadget hounds--or those who just want to keep their mind off the turbulence.

Just a handful that caught my eye this go-round:

Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

· The $49.95 Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock is the anti-Clocky: 30 minutes before wake-up time, an ambient light glows softly, brightening over the next half hour while faint aromatherapy scents fill the air. The alarm can also be used to waken the drowsy using only sounds with names like Nightfall, Thunder Storm, Zen Melody, and Mountain Stream. It's all so civilized!

Giant crossword puzzle

· This giant crossword puzzle--which claims to be the world's largest--ought to keep hard-core wordsmiths busy for an afternoon or two. It's 7x7 feet and has 28,000 clues for more than 91,000 squares. It folds up for lap or tabletop solving, which might be the best way to go. Hang it on your wall, after all, and you just know those unsolved words are going to taunt you to the point of insanity. It's printed on sturdy paper stock and goes for $29.95.

Floating wireless speaker

· We still have more than a month of summer left--plenty of time to splash around in the pool with a floating wireless speaker providing the soundtrack. The 3-inch, 5-watt speaker communicates wirelessly with a transmitter connected to any audio source (MP3 players, radio) up to 150 feet away. It's housed in a weatherproof rubber case and is said to be fully submersible. Still, we wouldn't recommend using this $179.95 baby for water polo.

Hitch Critter

· These animated hitch critters attach to your trailer hitch to add a third brake light for added traffic safety and protect your ball hitches from corrosion--all while allegedly displaying your wacky sense of humor. Choose from $25 critters including a waving deer, motorcycle-riding hog, flapping duck, and more. We're not sure if these are adorkable or just plain dorky, but they definitely highlight the awesome silliness of some SkyMall offerings.