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Flying gadgets in aerial assault

How to violate HR rules with flying toys

Crave UK

Here at Crave UK, we're all about the HR violations. Balls are thrown around the office, superiors are groped inappropriately, and songs with rude words are sung, often about the managing director (always behind his back, mind).

But we've just discovered an even cooler way to violate HR rules: with toys from We've already damaged eardrums with the USB guitar, so now we've decided to dive-bomb our workmates with the PicooZ Micro Helicopter (24.95 pounds) and the Mini Bi-Plane (24.99 pounds).

Both are lightweight radio-controlled aircraft, and both are perfect for annoying the heck out of the people unfortunate enough to work with you. Take a look at the pictures over the following few pages for some inspiration.

(Source: Crave UK)