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Flying from Heathrow? Check your flight details with new Alexa app

A new Alexa skill lets you find out crucial flight info by barking questions at your Alexa-enabled device.

Kent German/CNET

A new Amazon Alexa skill makes finding out your critical flight information that bit easier. 

The Heathrow Airport skill allows you to ask questions about your flight going into or out of Heathrow to your Alexa-enabled device and have the answers you need helpfully read back to you. The skill has access to information on over 1,300 flights per day, including departure and arrival times and gate information.

You can ask Alexa about delays to your flights from the comfort of your kitchen, saving you unnecessary waiting time at the airport. Or a loved one could use the service to find out exactly what time your flight is due to land, meaning there'll be no excuse if they're not standing in arrivals with flowers.

The skill is available now in the Amazon skill store.

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