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Flying fish: Sushi joint tries table delivery by drone

The latest volley in the flying-food fight involves a sushi chain testing out flying quadcopter delivery of its new rice burgers to customers' tables.

iTray in action
The sushi chopper delivers a meal. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

All the cool kids are getting their munchies by air these days.

South African music fans are getting beer from the sky. A research group developed and tested the Burrito Bomber. Domino's UK drafted an octocopter to deliver a couple of pepperoni pizzas. Now, all we need is sushi in flight to make this a bona fide trend. Looks like our order is up, up, and away.

Sushi chain YO! Sushi has introduced a "burger" made with rice patties and sushi-style ingredients like prawn, tofu katsu, and nori seaweed. The chain's London restaurant in the Soho district decided the delivery method needed to be just as unusual as the food. Thus the "iTray" was invented. It's a flying waiter outfitted with a special food tray and controlled by an iPad.

In a promotional video, a customer raves, "When I ordered the burger, I didn't imagine it was ever going to come flying across into my face on a tray. It was amazing. It was the weirdest thing. It was like something out of a science fiction novel." Sounds great, especially if you're a fan of food flying into your face.

The flying-waiter concept is pretty clever because it bypasses a lot of the issues with drone home food delivery. The traveling distances are small and the waiter is right there to keep track of the copter. You still get the cool factor of having your comestibles go airborne, but you don't have to deal with flight regulations or people trying to knock your snack out of the sky. Bon appetit!