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AeroMobil flying car lets you rule the roads and sky, for $1.6M

Four wheels, and massive wings that can fold away, let you choose whether to drive or fly to your next destination.

The AeroMobil flying car

The AeroMobil flying car lets you go from highway to skyway.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Is it an automobile or a plane? With the AeroMobil flying car, there's really no need to decide.

Shown off at the Paris Air Show, this ambitious aircraft is capable of driving on normal roads in car mode at speeds of up to about 100 mph (160 kph). Its huge foldout wings and rear propeller allow it to take to the skies too, soaring for up to about 465 miles (750km) on a tank of fuel.

AeroMobil expects the car/plane to cost somewhere around the $1.6 million mark (1.26 million pounds) when it goes on sale in 2020.

It's built from a variety of composite materials, including carbon fiber, to help keep the overall weight down. Even so, it's quite a chunky chap and will manage a leisurely 0-60mph time of around 10 seconds. 

The AeroMobil has a wingspan of about 26 feet (8 meters), but the wings fold backward into the body when the vehicle is on the road. The propeller folds inside the fuselage too -- great news for pedestrians who don't wish to be sliced up as you drive past.

If $1.6 million seems a bit much for aerial transport, then you could cast your eye instead over the SureFly by Workhorse. Also displayed at this week's Paris Air Show, this personal helicopter uses eight rotors to maintain stable flight and will cost about $200,000.