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Fly off to dream land in this Millennium Falcon bed

You don't need to beat Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc to get your own Millennium Falcon. Plus this version of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy from Pottery Barn Kids is a lot more comfy to sleep in.

It's much more fun to count Death Stars than sheep in this "Star Wars" bed. Pottery Barn

Pint-size "Star Wars" fans can doze off like Han Solo and Chewbacca in this impressively detailed Millennium Falcon-shaped bed from Pottery Barn Kids.

This ultimate "Star Wars" bed -- which retails for a mere $4,000 (about £2,628, AU$5,726) -- includes fun details like the Millennium Falcon's famous cockpit shape, buttons and gauges.

The twin bed measures 45.5 inches (115.5 centimeters) wide by 108.25 inches (275 centimeters) long by 45.5 inches (115.5 centimeters) high. The bed weighs approximately 495 pounds (224.5 kilograms), and made from solid hardwood. The slat-roll foundation allows the bed to be used with or without a box spring.

If you really want to step into hyperspace every night, Pottery Barn Kids also has a variety of "Star Wars" bedding including sheets, blankets and pillows for this playful bed.

Sadly, this "Star Wars" bed is only available in kid sizes, which makes no sense considering how many adults would happily trade their grown-up queen- and king-size beds for a nightly ride in this Millennium Falcon.

Why should us adults be burdened with boring beds? Are you listening, Pottery Barn?