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'Flux' wins place on Xbox 360

Peugeot announces car design contest winners

Peugeot has announced the winners of its .

Mihai Paneitescu, a design student from Turin, Italy, has taken first place for his Peugeot Flux.

Flux Peugeot/Mihai Panaitescu

In addition to being featured as a drivable car on an Xbox 360 video game, Paneitescu's Flux will be built as a full-scale model and a 1:43 model that will be sold by Norev. The full-scale model will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Geneva Motor Show

Allscape Peugeot/Gustavo Ferrero
N Jooy
N Jooy Peugeot/Wesley Saikawa

The Flux, according to Paneitescu's description of his design, references our ever-changing lifestyle. The car would run on a slim hydrogen power plant hidden beneath the front hood.

The N Jooy, by Wesley Saikawa of Brazil, was named 2nd place winner of the contest and my personal favorite, the natural gas-powered Allscape by Gustavo Ferrero of Venezuela, took 3rd.